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These two cakes were made for Tristan’s 3rd birthday on January 21, 2006. She is the daughter of my friends and colleagues, Shawna and Ryan.

Design Tristan, the 3 year old, wanted a pink ballerina cake. Her father, a hip, motorcycle-style sort of guy with a verrry long goatee, had made a really cool birthday invitation with a chopper symbol and Tristan sitting on a Harley looking like a miniature version of Sandra Dee from Grease. I had a hard time combining the two ideas into one design, so I just kept them separate and made two cakes, one for each theme.

Cake Famous “Chocolate Blackout Cake” by Margaret Braun.

Filling No filling as these were simple sheet and character pans.

Icing Basic decorator’s buttercream.

Decoration The ballerina is made by using a round piping tip for the outline and details and a star tip for the fill-in color. A drop flower tip was used for the little white flowers around the waist. The chopper cake was similarly decorate, but the chopper symbol actually is just the cake with no frosting. The letters were made by enlarging the invitation to create a template and then piping royal icing onto parchment over the text. After a few days, the letters can be peeled off and applied to the cake.

Thanks My friends Linh and Karen from work wanted to learn how to decorate cakes. So, since these two cakes were so simple to decorate, it was the perfect opportunity for them to learn basic piping skills. Linh decorated the chopper symbol and Karen decorated the ballerina bear. I made the frosting, the letters and I supervised.