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This was a super miniature test cake for the wedding of my friends, Jeff & Darcy Narduzzi on August 4, 2006. The bottom tier is only 6 inches in diameter – basically a scale model of the real thing to come !

Design The bride chose a design she liked from my cake ideas scrapbook that is filled with years of clippings from wedding magazines for fun cake ideas. We simply customized the design to match the wedding theme including the colors, patterns, topper and number of tiers.

Cake The bride’s childhood favorite – funfetti cake with rainbow chip buttercream filling !! Yes, store bought, but who’s going to argue with the bride ??? Besides, it tasted delicious !

Icing Vanilla Italian meringue buttercream crumb coat with colored white and dark chocolate ChocoPan rolled fondant.

Decoration The purpose of a test cake is, well, to test the design and the flavors – basically make sure I can actually do the design myself and to work out any kinks ahead of time. With a wedding cake, there isn’t time to make mistakes. One important thing I learned here was that the food color deepens over time with Chocopan fondant. So the blue and pink on the test cake came out too strong and I was able to get just the right colors for the actual wedding cake.

Thanks I did this one all by my little ‘ole self. It was so small, fun and easy to do – a piece of cake !


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