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SIMPSON WEDDING November 8, 2008

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This cake was made for the wedding of Emily Fosburgh and Mike Simpson on November 8, 2008 at the Cinnabar Hills Golf Resort in south San Jose, CA.

Design The bride had a photo of a cake she liked and I simply interpreted it with my own artistic style and skills.  It was a pretty simple, yet elegant design and didn’t require much advance preparation.  I did spend some time on the cake base, however.  I visited the wedding venue several weeks before the wedding to get a sense of the architecture and decor.   The venue was mostly ivory in color with some medium colored wood accents and large picture windows looking out onto the gardens and greens.  At that moment I decided to look for a picture frame or mirror that would play off the crown molding and beveled trim around the windows.  Additionally, the bride gave me a large piece of decorative ivory paper that had been used on the wedding invitations which I integrated into the base as well.  I think  the picture frame base worked  because it resonated well with the adjacent architecture and other elements of the wedding and the neutral ivory color helped focus attention on the dark chocolate scrolls . Additionally, the couple can use the frame for their wedding photos !

Cake The ever so popular chocolate blackout cake by Margaret Braun with a few tweaks of my own.

Filling Raspberry Italian meringue buttercream loaded with beautiful, whole ripe red raspberries.  A startling contrast to the conservative chocolate/ivory cake cladding when the cake is cut.

Icing A delicious vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.  Butter and vanilla just go so well together….

Decoration Simple, though time consuming, chocolate ganache swirls and scrolls with fresh roses provided by the florist.

Thanks As always, many thanks to Blake.  He did some grocery shopping, made the ganache and also made a batch of buttercream in addition to his standard responsibilities of feeding me, cutting the dowel supports, transport/delivery and taking photos.  The usual, helpful, supportive guy he always is.   Also special thanks to Jim Nelson Photography.  They graciously allowed me to post the 2 cake assembly photos, the rosy colored romantic full cake photo and the photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake.