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About January 31, 2008

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Barbara Says:

Hi Dani,

This is a wonderful site you are creating!! Nice way to show case your fantastic work! Great job as always, always looking forward to your new cake!!

Love, Barb

Hardik & Paolomee Says:

Hi Dani,

They all look great& the latest one is terrific! You never fail to surprise. Keep up the good work!
Hardik & Paolomee

Mike Hatcher Says:

Hey Dani,

The website looks great and the new cakes look AMAZING.


Sarita Says:

Hi Dani,

All the Cakes are Fantastic! Nivi’s Bday Cake was awesome. I always check your website and every time amazed by your creativity.
Keep up the Good work

All the Best

Valerie Says:

Hi Dani
Your cakes are wonderful to look at, I will be looking at your site in the future.

Genie Says:

Hi Dani,
I love all your cakes they are fabulous!!! I do have a question about your Nisha-saurous cake for her 5th birthday. How did you add to the mouth of the bear to make the dinasaures mouth stand out? I was going to try to make this cake for a friend and I like the way you have added to the origianl bear.

Thanks so much in advance if you can give me any suggestions and keep up the good work.

Danielle Says:

Hi Genie,
Thanks for the compliments. Just had a baby, so don’t have much time to do cakes right now….
It was awhile ago, but I think that I just piped on the snout with a bunch of medium stiff buttercream and then smoothed it out a little before piping the stars. But you could probably use some marshmallows secured with toothpicks and pipe over that.

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