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OUR WEDDING October 25, 2009

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These cute cupcakes were made for our very own wedding on October 25, 2009 at the Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos, CA !

Design The design was taken from the flower motif on our invitations which was chosen because had a touch of the four cultures we incorporated into our wedding – Indian, Mexican, Japanese and American.

Cake Scrumptious pumpkin spice befitting the season. 

Frosting Creamy vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.

Decoration The flowers were all hand made from royal icing using a template that I created by scanning the invitation and modifying the esign using Photoshop. Each flower design was cropped and  enlarged  to a size proportionate to the  cupcake.  Then each flower design was pasted to a full letter size page and copied to fill the entire page for outlining and filling in with royal icing over a sheet of celophane.

Thanks Many thanks to Blake for making the cream cheese frosting and to our long time good friend Amy for applying the decorations to the cupcakes!