This cute dinosaur cake was for Nisha's 5th birthday on March 24, 2007. She is the daughter of Blake's colleague, Poorti, and her husband Michael. They have become good friends of ours over the last couple of years.

Young dinosaur in a field of fresh spring daisies.

Famous "Chocolate Blackout Cake" recipe by Margaret Braun.

Delicious ripe whole strawberries and vanilla italian meringue buttercream.

Vanilla italian meringue buttercream.

I used the large 3D teddy bear pan to make the body of the dinosaur. To create the overall shape of the dinosaur, I carved a little here and added a little frosting there. I also used a few marshmallows to fill out the shape of the tail. The spikes in the tail are made from yellow candy melts and the daisies are made from gumpaste.

As usual, many thanks to Blake. He made all the daisies and even placed them on the cake.