This cake was made for Tristan to celebrate her successfull roll as Bell in a Beauty and the Beast ballet recital on June 08, 2007. She is the daughter of my friends and colleagues, Shawna and Ryan Upp.

I simply had to research what Bell looked like, since it has been so many years since I was a kid myself. Then it was just a matter of mimicking the details.

The cake is made from the famous "Chocolate Blackout Cake" recipe by Margaret Braun.

There is no filling

The cake is iced with a thin layer of decorator's buttercream and covered in white chocolate rolled fondant, colored yellow.

The skirt is made from a mold specifically designed for this purpose (from Wilton). It comes with a doll pick, but it was so ugly and old-fashioned, that I promptly got rid of it when I bought the mold 7 years ago. I used a real barbi doll instead and simply baked another 8" round cake to fit under the skirt cake so that the doll is proportional with the skirt. I used an apple corer to make a space for her in the middle of the cake, legs and all. The details are made with piped buttercream with a few gold dragees here and there.