This was a surprise wedding test cake that I made for my friend Nicole on April 19, 2008.

Not much design to do on my part. The bride found a cake design she liked online and I was simply challenged to reproduce it.

Famous "Chocolate Blackout Cake" recipe by Margaret Braun.

Passion fruit syrup brushed onto the cake layers with a thin layer of passionfruit curd and another thin layer of mocha italian meringue buttercream.

Mocha italian meringue buttercream with white chocolate fondant colored peach to match Frazee paint chip color 7333M Endless Peach.

The flowers were made from color flow royal icing piped onto parchment over a flower template. I used a computer aided drafting program called AutoCAD to draw the templates for the flowers. I basically eyeballed the size and shape from the online image.

I can pat my own back for this one. I woke up Saturday morning and decided last minute to make this test cake. So I made the curd, went grocery shopping, baked the cake, made the buttercream, made the syrup and filled, frosted, decorated and photographed the cake myself all in 6.5 hours. I had made the royal icing flower a couple of weeks ago. Iím getting pretty good at this, I must say!!