This is the wedding test cake I made for Charlie and Bonnie's wedding on October 19th, 2003. It is a cake version of traditional tiramisu. The actual cake is a vanilla cake. The filling consists of an espresso and kahlua concentrated syrup brushed onto the cake layers with mocha buttercream and grated bittersweet chocolate (70 % cocoa butter = the good stuff!) The frosting is coffee buttercream and the painted tiles are made from fondant.

The design of this cake was a little hurried as I only had 3 weeks to design it and make it after returning from a trip to South-East Asia. After a few design idea iterations, the concept for this cake finally came from the actual building where the wedding and reception were held. They were married at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. The tile patterns and colors closely resemble those found in the tile detailing throughout the building. The design of these tiles and choosing the right combination of colors took me the most time when creating this cake. Except for the slight melting of the 3rd tier as a result of the 90+ degree heat, this cake turned out beautiful.

Special thanks to my sister, Denise, and my friend, Mandi, for helping me with this cake. It couldn't nor wouldn't have been done without either of them.