This is the wedding cake I made for my friends, Jeanette and Nick de Luca, on May 1st, 2004. It is my cake rendition of tiramisu with a twist. Each tier is made of 3 layers of vanilla white cake. Between the layers is a combination of kahlua soaking syrup brushed onto the cake followed with a heavy sprinkling of unsweetened cocoa and then a layer of mocha italian meringue buttercream. The tiers are coated with ganache and finally covered with mocha italian meringue buttercream. The tiers were assembled at the wedding site and garnished with california bay laurel leaves, tangerines, kumquats, baby artichokes, green almonds and grapes. Sweat peas, hydrangea and crystalized pansies make up the finishing touches along with a final dusting of super fine baker's sugar. Special thanks to my friend, Amy, for helping with the sugared pansies and to my boyfriend, Blake, for helping me actually make the cake...again! He truly was a life-saver.