This is the wedding test cake I made for my friends, Mike and Kelsey. They originally came to me with some really conservative ideas (being engineers and all... :-). However, as we looked through my books and talked about it, they came to like a more fun design with a more playful color combination instead of just white on white stacked cakes of all the same shape. So we ended up with a stacked present theme with blue to match the bridesmaid dresses, white for the bride, and yellow for a little contrast. These colors just happen to match their living room as well.

I made two flavors for them to try. The bottom tier is made of pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and filling. The top tier is made of white chocolate cake with ollalieberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. Both are covered in rolled fondant (sugarpaste) for the smooth, porcelain like look.

The white chocolate cake and fondant ended up being a very sweet combination. Actually too sweet. The cake was dense with a flavor similar to angel food cake. In combination with the sweet buttercream and fondant, it was just too much.

Mike and Kelsey really liked the pumpkin cake. This seems to be a common opinion since I've only done one wedding cake that wasn't pumpkin so far! But the pumpkin is appropriate since they have all been in the Fall.

The spicy pumkin cake helped cut the sweetness of the fondant, yet was a perfect compliment. And the blue fondant over white cream cheese over yellow/orange cake makes a very colorful contrast. When first looking at the pretty stacked cakes, you would assume white cake, not a bright orange pumpkin cake! There's a surprise in the present cake after all!