This is the cake I finally made for Lyzz and Vince's wedding on October 21, 2001. It is a delicious pumpkin spice cake with a cream cheese frosting/filling. The flowers are made from royal icing while the other details are made from almond buttercream. The top is garnished with fresh flowers thanks to the florist.

This cake was supposed to be a pillared cake. However, how was I to know that the columns aren't universal to fit the cake plates? Michael's Craft Store sells the white plates, the clear columns, and the white columns but not the clear plates. The packaging doesn't indicate anything and I assumed they would work. Apparently not so because if anyone had bumped the table even slightly, the top two tiers were going over! So, while I was setting up the cake at the wedding, one of the ladies suggested I just take the columns out and stack the cake. Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? I guess the lesson here is 'learn by doing.'

I have to admit (not like I'm modest or anything) that people were really impressed with this cake, including the caterer. How often do people take cake home from a wedding? The caterer actually asked for my "card". Of course, I don't have one since I just do this as a fun hobby. He said that "I beat out 75% of the bakers he works with in terms of taste and design." I'd say that's quite a compliment and I don't mind sharing it.

By some miracle, this cake turned out wonderfully! However, while I was making it, I swore I would never bake a cake again. Blake said, "of course you will," and, yes, of course I already have another cake lined up for February. However, I couldn't have done this cake without Blake's help. Not only does he help with making frosting, going to the store at 3am when I run out of sugar, and cleaning the seemingly endless dishes, but he also keeps me sane. He has been an integral part of every cake I've ever done. So, I may get all the design credit, but he should get credit for the cakes actually being finished because without his help, some of them wouldn't have....