This is the joint birthday cake I made for my mom and my Lita (grandmother) on May 23, 2004 in Goleta, CA. My grandmother's 85th birthday was on May 20 and my mother's 60th birthday on May 28.

My mother wanted lemon and my grandmother wanted orange - so that's what they got! The bottom and top tiers are lemon chiffon cake while the two middle tiers are orange chiffon cake. There is a single filling layer made up of a thin layer of lemon or orange curd under a layer of lemon or orange mousseline buttercream. The icing is lemon or orange zest italian meringue buttercream. The icing design represents the May birth flower of lily of the valley. The roses on top are compliments of our family friend and neighbor, Gaylee Nutman, who graciously sacrificed them out of her garden (though I was scheming to steal them anyways - Thank You!).

This cake was simply scrumptious! Strong aromatic lemon and orange flavors that were balanced by the super light and not too sweet icing.

Special thanks to my boyfriend, Blake, and my sister, Denise, for helping out, as usual!