This is the wedding cake I made for my friends, Mike and Kelsey Parolini on November 9th, 2003. It is a pumpkin cake with orange cream cheese filling and vanilla cream cheese icing covered in rolled fondant. Yummy! The filling was a little last minute twist that I hoped they liked. We had originally agreed on just plain vanilla cream cheese filling, but at the last minute I changed my mind because orange zest in cream cheese sounded delicious - which it was!. The bows and tissue paper are made from gumpaste and the curly cues on top are royal icing.

This cake was thoroughly enjoyable to make thanks to the help of my boyfriend, Blake, my good friend, Amy. Amy loyally helped me out evey night for a week, so we were able to make this cake particularly detailed and fun. And as usual, Blake helped with the loads of dishes and going to the store whenever I needed something! I am forever grateful to them both.