This is the wedding cake I made for my friends Travis and Andrea Hayes in Los Alamos, CA on July 31st, 2004.

This is a dual flavor cake with chocolate raspberry and double espresso alternating tiers. The dark tiers are sour cream chocolate cake with a bright pink raspberry italian meringue buttercream filling and crumb coat with rich raspberry ganache icing. The light tiers are double espresso cake with espresso italian meringue buttercream filling and icing. The piped chocolate scrolls and swirl topper add an extra sculptural effect.

Special thanks to my boyfriend, Blake, and my sister, Denise, and my mother, Carole for helping out! Even more thanks to my mother for allowing me to take over her kitchen for 3 days and for washing loads of dishes and staying up late with me! She was a life saver! It seems I had everyone working on this one and couldn't have done it without them. Thank You so much!